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July 31 2017


McAfee vs other Antivirus comparison


McAfee is the best antivirus at this time.It provides the better security of the system than another antivirus like Quick heal, Norton, etc. This software provides the security from the virus-like trojan, worm, malware, etc; these all virus is very dangerous for our system. 

Mcafee Antivirus: -McAfee antivirus is developed by an American company globally known for the computer security software and most dedicated and trustworthy security technology company.  

Quick heal Antivirus:- Quick heal antivirus is developed by Quick Heal Technologies Ltd. Mostly this antivirus  is used for customized to suit consumers, small businesses, Government establishments, and corporate houses.this is also provide the trustworthy security of the system. 

Norton Antivirus: - Norton family is continuously looking into all types of threats and viruses which prove to be harmful to many factors. With the change over time, Norton expanding their family with different updates and version as all it starts from Norton version 2006(version-13.0) and currently Norton version 2016(ver-22.0) used around the globe. 

Comparision of McAfee, Quick- heal and Norton:- 


McAfee has consistently demonstrated its ability to protect your online identity and keep your passwords safe. It has an easy-to-use interface, and you can quickly set up user profiles and manage parental controls to protect your family. 

Under a single license, you can extend protection across multiple devices, such as PCs, Macs, tablet, and smartphones. You can even manage them all from one console. 

However, McAfee antivirus has a most important feature is that McAfee antivirus is automatically clean and repair systems under malware attacks.   

If you are facing issues related to the Mcafee antivirus, solve it with the help of the Mcafee Customer Service team, the team will provide the solutions which are very easy to implement.


Norton received the Top 10 reviews Bronze Award for internet security, outperforming all but two competitors in AV-Test runs. This antivirus also includes network monitoring, parental controls, silent mode, a two-way firewall, a recovery disc and data backup.


Norton received the highest possible score in system repair and cleaning, significantly outperforming most competitors in its ability to remove threats from already-infected systems.

Norton antivirus gives the excellent offers who do to support across all your devices, with a specialty in Android systems, and has 24*7 chat, email and phone support available. 

Comparison between different antivirus- Mcafee Support


 Quick heal antivirus brand of the Quick heal.this is also capable of protecting the computer against trojans, warm, viruses, spyware and online tractions related to the shopping and banking.it is also guards against the spam emails.prevent data theft and

provide round the clock protection against new and unknown malicious like virus.


McAfee antivirus is free 24*7 support. Service is available via an online chat 

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